IGS Housing


The sales of the housing units represent the exit strategy for Grupo IGS, such repayment includes investment and profits for the platform.

Investment criteria

  • The housing units´ start price is determined by Infonavit and go up to $4 million pesos.
  • The land must have all the necessary feasibility (water, sewage, and electricity) and residential building permits. The project and developer must fulfill the requirements to obtain a construction loan. The housing units must be candidates to receive mortgages sponsored by Infonavit, Fovissste, SHF, Sofoles or Banks.
  • The housing projects are located in urban areas with proven demand.


For the project success, IGS considers the following requirements extremely relevant:

  • Indispensable to have a professional and experienced team.
  • Accredited regional or local developer company, with a solid and proven experience in the region or city.
  • The developer will invest an amount equivalent to 40% of the land´s valuation.
  • The land is located in a proven favorable market.
  • The project costs and expenses must be within the market standards.
  • The project must have the feasibility or pre-feasibility according to the local regulations.
  • The construction loan should be pre-authorized, or the developer must have outstanding financial records, in order to obtain the construction loan.
  • Commercialization must assure loan schemes for the housing buyer (Infonavit, Fovissste, Banks, etc.).

Evaluation process

Once the required documentation has been provided, prior to the Investment Committee´s approval, a due diligence process will be carried out within a period of 40 to 75 days according to the following procedure:

  • The due diligence includes the commercial, technical, financial and legal aspects of the project.
  • Simultaneously, Grupo IGS, will fine-tune the financial and commercial agreement (project trust) with the developer.

Some examples: