IGS Industrial


IGS has developed an organizational structure, both management and operational teams, that distinguishes us from our competitors.

IGS Industrial has over 20 years of experience in the industrial sector.


Experienced team with proven track record

  • Resourceful sales team with extensive experience in the markets where we operate.
  • Provide financial analysis complying with institutional standards.
  • Professional in-house asset management.

Engineering and construction

International standards in Mexico

  • “Design-Buid” constructive systems. Class “A” building using LEED and Factory Mutual system among others.
  • Construction cost analysis and reporting complying with international standards.
  • On-site construction supervision.



  • Experience in creating value to assets.
  • Focused on maintaining client relationships.
  • Continually implementing operative efficiency programs.
  • Lease, maintenance, and expense control using automatized systems.

Sales and

Extensive market and industry knowledge

  • Providing flexible solutions with excellent customer service response time.
  • Focused on productive win-win negotiations.
  • Building long-term client and investor relationships.
  • Establishing open communication channels.