IGS Industrial


IGS Industrial offers the following services: Acquisition of leased or vacant industrial properties, Build-to-suit, Sale Leaseback and Development of Build-to-lease projects.

Acquisition of leased or vacant industrial properties

We acquire portfolios and single industrial properties from users, developers and investors throughout Mexico.


We design, develop and lease buildings to our tenants based on their individual requirements under long term, Corporate guaranteed, US Dollar denominated, NNN leases.

We have a team dedicated to the design and management of projects which allows us to develop projects tailored to our customer´s needs and requirements. Our in-house team ensures that our projects are delivered on time, within budget and in accordance with contracted requirements minimizing risks, anticipating, and assessing deviations during the construction process.

Our properties are built in accordance with international design standards and posses flexibility to adapt to future tenant’s customer requirements.

Sale Leaseback

We purchase user owned properties and lease them back to the seller under corporate guarantee, US Dollar and NNN (net of property tax, maintenance and insurance) leases.

Sale-leaseback operations release capital for core business investment, reduce financial leverage, and are often used to finance new investments, renewal of machinery/equipment, and generally to obtain liquidity.

Development of for-lease projects

We design and develop class “A” buildings using LEED certification designs and Factory Mutual systems, among others. The properties are in well located sites in high-demand markets to assure project success. We have in-house design and project management teams which allows us to develop projects on-time and within budget tailored to each market´s needs and requirements.

A few examples:

Acquisition Mexicali, BCN; SunPower & Fram Automotive

  • We acquire individual assets to portfolio of assets. In this example, we acquired a property that was already leased.
  • The tenant required building improvements which were made in exchange for an extended lease term.

Build-to-Suit Ciudad Juarez, Chih./Victory Packaging

  • Based on customer’s requirements, we signed an agreement to build a property in an extremely well-located piece of land.
  • The building was designed according to the customer´s needs.
  • A long-term lease was signed. The building was occupied by the tenant within the allotted timeframe.

For Lease Development, Ciudad Juarez, Central Chih II

  • We acquired a leased facility that had spare land for development.
  • A building was designed and developed on-site. The new property was leased at market rate.

Development / Value Add Tijuana, BCN Otay Mesa/Flextronics

  • We purchased a television factory. It had been vacant for several years.
  • We contacted a possible tenant. Completely renovated the property complying customer´s needs.
  • A long-term lease agreement was signed with a tech medical manufacturer.